Aiphone has become the most respected and reliable brand of communication systems in the world, exporting to over 60 countries.

Aiphone products are unrivalled in design simplicity, technical excellence and reliability.  With over 25 standard systems, and additional manufacturing by special order, Aiphone can create a system for virtually any intercom application.

Products range from simple do-it-yourself door answering units to sophisticated video entry security systems, complex microprocessor-based commercial systems, and luxury condo/apartment security and communication systems.

Every Aiphone system is the result of painstaking attention to detail, with contemporary European style design and the finest quality hardware and circuitry. All products are engineered and tested with reliability in mind.


From the early days of being the first to acquire UL and TUV certification on video door-phones to the various awards and accolades it has received over the decades, Commax technology is now recognised worldwide. Commax is now a registered trademark in over 115 countries and exports are made to over 100 countries.

To achieve their vision of becoming the top global brand in the visual communication industry, a relentless “customer-first policy” is applied in all aspects of the business. Commax strives to be their customers’ first-choice by providing superior design products and advanced technology solutions.

Specialities include: Home Mobile, Network and Automation Systems / Video, Intercom and Door phone systems / Security / PA system