Home Automation

Qwik Switch

The Qwik-Switch range of products enable you to wirelessly control and manage a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial devices.

Based in Cape Town, with their products available at Plumstead, Okavango and Atlantic Electrical, Qwik-Switch has developed a wireless cloud based system that brings control and monitoring systems to your home, office or commercial space via your mobile phone, tablet, or PC.

Qwik-Switch’s web or android app works with its GSM (Global System for mobile communication) Cloud Hub, transmitters, and receivers – allowing control, scheduling, monitoring, and alerts for most household, office and commercial items.

This will enable you to integrate the following, and more, into the app:

• Motor/Pump Control

• Geyser Control

• Task Lighting

• Security Lighting control

• Standard Lighting control

• LED lighting control

• Multi Way Switching

• Home theatre lighting control

• Landscape Lighting control

• Wireless energy monitoring

The new Qwik-Sense series of devices allows the user to monitor and be alerted to multiple events – such as movement, door opening, proximity, and temperature via their smartphone.

If existing light switches are inconveniently placed and need to be changed, Qwik-Switch’s wireless transmitters overcome wiring and labour costs and allow unlimited placement alternatives.

All devices are capable of working in excess of 30 metres through walls and floors, with the option of repeaters for longer distances.

The Swich-Art switchplates allow a designer approach where even the backlighting colour and intensity can be controlled. Their channel input module transmitter can turn any bellpress or light switch into a wireless switch plate.

The range of current monitoring devices enables you to track your electricity consumption and implement corrective measures to save energy in your residential, commercial, or industrial property.

Qwik-Switch is continuously adding to its range of products and recently integrated the Eco-Watt range of commercial and industrial devices (Temperature , Current , Open/close alerts)


Have you ever wanted to see who is at the door when your doorbell rings, without opening it? Or wondered who is loitering at your gate without going out to it? Or maybe you’d like to see who called on you while you were out?

Now you can with the advanced technology of the Wi-Bell, the smart video doorbell that not only enables you to view who is at your door via the Smart APP, but allows you to talk to the person who is there too.

With the Wi-Bell smart video doorbell you don’t have to physically get up to see who is there and you don’t have to be at home either.

Plumstead, Okavago & Atlantic Electrical and Lighting now stock this revolutionary product. Here is how it works:

1. The visitor arrives at your door or gate and presses bell.
2. The data is transmitted using your WiFi network
3. Notification is received on your smart phone, and you can view and communicate with your visitor

On board functions include:

Using your WIFI at home, the device connects seamlessly to allow for video calling

Online and ready for you to view even if the bell is not pressed.

On board microphone allows you to have clear two way voice communication with your visitor

Noise reduction speaker enables clear sound

With the motion sensor the device will trigger an alert direct to your smartphone anytime movement is detected.

Take a snapshot direct from your smartphone

Record video onto your smartphone through the free app

Playback video from locally stored recordings and snap shot on your smartphone

Clear image HD quality 130 degree viewing angle

Fluid video feed with h.264 compression for best streaming available for the smartphone app

Micro SD Storage allows you to store all the goings on for replay at a later stage

Free app availble on iOS and Android