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Solent Ceiling Fans

Solent is a reputable company, specializing in the import, manufacture, and distribution of high-quality ceiling, wall, and pedestal fans. With a rich history in the ceiling fan industry, we have earned the trust of customers and established ourselves as a prominent name in the field.

What distinguishes Solent from our competitors is our commitment to providing customers with the option to customize their ceiling fans. With an extensive collection to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice. We also offer an elegant range of wall and pedestal fans to cater to a wide range of needs.

At Solent, we prioritize the quality of our fans. We use the finest ceiling fan components to ensure that your investment in a Solent fan is both secure and wise. Our confidence in our products is so strong that we back them with a straightforward three-year warranty, providing our customers with complete peace of mind.

You can count on our exceptional after-sales support team to swiftly address any issues with your fan, ensuring a quick resolution. Our commitment to top-quality products and outstanding service has solidified Solent’s position as an industry authority in the realm of ceiling fans.

Solent is your trusted source for superior ceiling fans and exceptional service.

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Decor Centre

When Decor Centre was founded in 1991, we had a vision to offer all our customers with

  • quality products
  • stylish designs
  • providing outstanding service

Decor Centre believes we have met our vision of service excellence in the past 20 years and we will continue to strive for continues improvements.

We have been supplying the national market, exporting to neighbouring states and continue to grow as a major supplier of innovative and quality fans

Bright Star Lighting

Bright Star Lighting is one of the largest wholesale lighting companies in South Africa, supplying Outdoor lighting, Downlighters, Track Lighting, Spotlights, Fluorescent Lighting, Ceiling Fans, Ceiling Fittings, Chandeliers, Pendants, Wall Brackets, Bathroom Lighting, Picture Lights, as well as Table and Standing Lamps.

Bright Star continuously focuses on local and international lighting trends and are constantly sourcing to provide a lighting range that is innovative, practical and cost effective.


For over 25 years Eurolux has been pivotal In bringing the latest innovations In the lighting Industry to South African businesses and consumers. What started out as a modest Cape Town operation has flourished into an Impressive company with a Nationwide footprint, Including links into Africa and the Middle East.

Acting as Importer and distributor, Eurolux has its finger on the pulse of global Industry trends and movements. By maintaining strong relationships with our business partners, we have been able to both understand and meet the needs and preferences of our clients, thus ensuring a product offering of world-class quality and variety.


Radiant Group (Pty) Ltd, is a wholly owned subsidiary of South Oceans Holdings. Radiant comprises of three divisions:

  • Light Fittings
  • Lamps & Light Bulbs
  • Electrical Products

We are the leading supplier of light fittings in South Africa and a major supplier of lamps. We have a growing share in the electrical accessories market – from plugs to extension cords and heaters. Our key markets are construction, new infrastructure development & housing, residential, industrial and commercial.


The Radiant business began operations in 1990 when acquired by Mr. Hanan Schwartz. With the growth of the business and customer demands for a wider product range offering, the first light fittings were imported in 1993.

The business continued to experience rapid growth and in 1998 a host of private investors came on board resulting in further expansions. In 2000 Radiant diversified into the Lamp business through a joint venture with Lohuis. The overall product offering was expanded and ultimately justified the buyout and incorporation of the subsidiary divisions.

The Electrical products division was started in 2005 as a means to further satisfy the demands of an existing customer base. To reflect the change in focus and incorporate the three divisions, the Radiant Group brand was launched in 2007. Within the same year Radiant Group was acquired by South Ocean Holdings Limited.